Refresh and renew your home and garden at the Home and Garden Show Edmonton

  The Home and Garden Show Edmonton is a major event that features a massive range of products for new and established homes. Held at the Northlands Park, the show draws professionals, suppliers and government personnel involved in gardening, arboriculture, horticulture, landscaping and home exhibitions.

The Edmonton Home and Garden Show showcases decorative greenery, garden equipment, tools and machinery, lighting, chemical products, construction related products, playground equipment, plants and much more. The show is also attended by top home and gardening suppliers such as Mother Nature Lighting.

The Edmonton Home and Garden Show attracts everyone who wants to renew their home and garden and also get some fresh home improvement ideas. Usually held at the Edmonton Expo Centre, the show focuses on a theme each year. The latest event was designed around the “Restore, Refresh and Renew” theme and had more than six hundred participants exhibiting their products and services. Visitors also get a chance to explore the latest trends for their forthcoming projects.

Creating a garden filled with roses


The rose is also known as, “the queen of flowers” and rose water provides one of the most valuable elements of fine perfume.

Their fragrance was valued by ancient Romans and used to scent rooms and as perfume after bathing.

Cleopatra supposedly filled a room over a foot deep with rose petals while wooing Mark Anthony. The two main roses used in this era were the damask and gallica types.

Prior to the Victorian era of the late 1800s, fragrance in flowers was used for medicinal purposes or to hide odours.

This period saw the use of flowers in gardens for their pleasing fragrance. Today, creating a rose flower garden is a lesson in patience that is ultimately rewarding.

All roses are beautiful, but to create a fragrant garden, determine the type to use, as contrary to popular belief, not all roses have a distinct fragrance.

Some roses lack any kind of fragrance, and the ones that are fragrant offer a wide variety of scents. Most of them start out with something of a rosy scent, but you might be surprised at the additional aromas that exist in the rose world.

You also have to determine where you want them to grow, as some are compact and will fit into a narrow bed, while others are giant climbers and may grow into other plants and choke them.

Rose perfumes, which were popular among the Romans and the Greeks, were extracted from the plants at night as the fragrance is strongest before sunrise.

The two main species of roses used for perfume are the Rosa centifolia, found mostly in the South of France, and the Rosa damascene (damask rose) located primarily in Arab countries. (Read more:

How To Create A Tuscan Garden At Home

  Tuscany is known for its serene beauty and breathtaking scenery. Hence, the Tuscan-themed garden that depicts a classic Italian style is very popular in the affluent communities today. Its blend of classic beauty and a modern touch of elegance complements today’s home designs and even people’s lifestyle.

Creating a Tuscan garden needs more creativity rather than money. You don’t need a landscape artist or an interior designer to bring the Tuscan feel in your home. The internet is your best source of information and ideas on how to make your own Tuscan-themed garden. There are also a lot of online stores where you can buy your modern planters, decorations, and even plants for your Tuscan garden. So here are some helpful tips on how to transform your garden into a Tuscany scenery.Tuscany has distinctive trees and plants. Italian Cypress trees, Olive trees, citrus trees, and berry plants are among the signature plants of Tuscany that you can use in your garden.

Spruce up indoor and outdoor living space with Home and Garden Products

  One can spruce up the indoor and outdoor living space with home and garden products. Home and garden products like garden furnishings, garden gates, garden furniture, garden fountains and garden statues elevate and enhance the overall living area.

Often, it is observed that people spend a lot of time and efforts and of course money on home décor and home furnishings; however, they ignore the fact that the patio is a part of the overall home décor. Patio and outdoor living area also needs their attention. Home and garden products have a special place in creating a nice environment in the outdoor living area. Today, varieties of home and garden products have paved their way into the modern living. The lifestyle of the people is changing and the same time the kind of home and garden products they have adopted for their living is also changing.

One can think of sprucing up garden area of home by installing the garden foundations. Garden fountains look good when the water is flowing and also when the water is not flowing due to its artwork and design. Garden fountain works like a prop in a garden in elevating the overall garden décor. Garden fountain as an element of home and garden product has been in fashion for centuries and it give royal feel in the garden.